Prana Consulting’s Journey

Who are we?
Prana Consulting was started in 2003 with the goal of providing quality RapidResponse related consulting services.  We believed in this product over 15 years ago when not many people saw the potential of it.  We have been committed in this journey for 15+ years with perseverance, hope, dedication, hard work, and most importantly with a passion to learn and understand the capability of this product so that we can help customers succeed.  We know that when the customer succeeds, we will succeed.  So, our philosophy has always been based on “win-win”.  We are proud of the relationships we have established with our customer base over the last two decades.  Our focus from the beginning has been long term success as we also understood the complexity in the supply chain planning area and that is the reason we never wanted to sacrifice quality and relationships to achieve faster growth.  We have, however, grown into a company of close to 50 people, still dedicated 100% to RapidResponse related consulting services.  All this was possible due to the win-win relationship we have with Kinaxis and the hard work and dedication of our team members both in North America and India.

Why are we so committed to RapidResponse?
We truly believe that this is the best supply chain planning software available in the market.  We believed in that over 15 years ago and our belief has only strengthened over this period.  We feel that this product was ahead of its time 15 years ago and in a way, even today we still believe it is ahead of its time as RapidResponse has grown so much in the last 15 years.

How can you realize the power of RapidResponse?
As we know, supply chain planning is complex and there has always been a lot of hype in the software systems market.  With that, it is not easy for customers to see the uniqueness of RapidResponse and understand why the product is so different.  When there is nothing to compare to, there is always a possibility to suspect, question, and not truly understand any great product.  In addition, the success of any transformation in this world of technology depends on three factors- software capability, strength of the customer and consultant teams.  All three are important to realize the true potential of the software.  We are committed to providing a strong consultant team to help you realize the power of this incredible tool and get the best value from this great product.

How can we help you understand the uniqueness of RapidResponse?

  • Come to our breakout session at Kinexions ’17 “Tapping into the Uniqueness of RapidResponse” at 2:30 PM on Tuesday, 10/10/17.  We promise that we will not disappoint you.
  • Reach out to us and give us an opportunity to explain more about how we help customers tap into the potential of RapidResponse.  If you are an existing customer, having made the huge investment in RapidResponse, you don’t want to settle for anything less.  If you are a prospect, you will gain even more insights from our Founder/President, Vijay Subramanian who led the supply chain vendor search process for Philips Electronics in 2001, was a customer of Kinaxis first and then became a consulting partner.
  • Contact us at

We look forward to helping you realize and utilize the uniqueness of RapidResponse.

The Prana Consulting Team